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Razi School Science Fair


 9 , 10 & 11 Grade : Thursday March 5th

Keep in mind the following criteria for your project:

1-  Think of a question: what is your criteria about, or what have you seen that makes you wonder?

2-  Write a hypothesis: what do you think is the answer? What are some “if …, then …” statements that explain and confirm your hypothesis?

3-  Write the materials: what is needed in the experiment?

4-  Write the procedure for your science project: steps in conducting you experiment.

5-  Test your hypothesis: Agree or even Disagree! That’s okay!

6-  Write the result: show pictures/photos, graphs, charts and analysis.

7-  Write a conclusion: what did your experiment show? Did the experiment confirm your hypothesis?

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Please make sure your project has 6 headings:

1-  Question

2-  Hypothesis

3-  Materials

4-  Procedures

5-  Results

6-  Conclusion

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Razi School encourages parents to join us during PTA meetings or Parents and Teachers Conference Day to learn and contribute to the basics of our school's foundations and principles.


For any questions please contact us at:

Email: info@razischool.org

Phone: 718-779-0711


Razi School Academic Year 2019-20


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A note to all parents:

Students are not permitted to have their cellphones during the school hours. (Special cases are exempted) They must drop their phone with the Main Office in the morning, and are only allowed to take it back by dismissal time.

Failure to do so, may result in confiscation of the cellphone.