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    We need your drive and innovation, now more than ever. Congratulations, best of luck, and please know that we are cheering you on. YOU GOT THIS! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

    Messages from our teachers:

    Sr. Maryam Nasser - Middle School Social Studies Teacher:

    Dear 8th Grade Students:

    Congratulations on completion of your Middle School Career. You have risen to the occasion and not only accomplished this task, but have done it with remarkable success. Your hard work and dedication towards your Social Studies Subject has made me very proud. While you worked hard at Razi Middle School, you will have to keep up the hard work next year in High School.

    “I wish you all continued Success”

    Thank You

    Sr. Maryam Nasser

    Teacher : Social Studies



    Sr. Tijan Isleem - High School English Teacher and the Head of the English Department of Razi


    To our graduating 8th grade students:

    I would like to congratulate the 2020 unique 8th Graders who I worked with for a very short period.  A short period where I got to know each one of you through remote learning.  It was through your dedicated work I came to know what a wonderful group you graduates happen to be.  Both, you and I, had no idea we would end the school year reading and writing for ELA online.  It is only through your strong loyalty and sincere commitment, to your work, that you have reached this breakthrough in your life.

    I want you to value the memories that you have made because, believe me, they will be the ones that you will look back at and smile.  It is my expectation that each one of you will be more ambitious and motivated to continue on to the upcoming high school years.  It is my expectation that you welcome the future with anticipation and never forget the many times your parents and teachers who were always there motivating you.

    Congratulations and Best Wishes Always! 

    Sr. Tijan

    English Department

    To our graduating 12th grade students:


    To my Dear Students:

    Zafir, Kazi, Samiha, Aysha, Behishta, Ashar, Hassan, Amy, and Marwa

    It has been 12 years, YES, 12 years of waking up early to accomplish each single day of learning.

    Well, today, I want you to take in this moment of beauty.

    This moment of pride for your achievement.

    This moment of courage in your heart for not giving up. 

    This moment of insha’Allah credit and triumph in your future plans.

    With this being said:

    Yes, hold on to the beauty of pride,

    Hold on to the beauty of courage in your heart,

    And hold on to the beauty of credit and triumph in your future plans.

    BUT, please, my dear students, keep them with a humble and focused attitude. With this and of course with Allah’s guidance

    you will seek to be content in the greatest satisfaction you’ll ever feel and know.  

    I want to sincerely thank each one of you for being a special part in my life.  Remember that Sister Tijan wants you to always be who you are and that she will always love you.

    You have my sincere Congratulations!

    I want to end with the following beautiful words by Imam Ali (3alehe elsalaam)

    “Everything diminishes when it is used except knowledge.” 

    Imam Ali (as)

    Sr. Tijan



    Sr. Arsalnna Sarwar - High School Math and Science

    Dear Graduating Classes of 2020,

    Our 12th Graders: I couldn't be more proud of you all. Despite all the changes this school year brought, you adapted to them quickly and continued to learn and do what was required of you. It was truly a pleasure being your teacher. I wasn't there to see you commence your life in Razi as Pre-k or Kindergartners but listening to your teachers speak of you and how far you have all come really leaves me in awe. In class we often spoke about College and now you are all so close to starting your College journeys. MaSha'Allah. You spoke to me regarding your college process and not just what I was teaching you in Calculus. Every time you shared your concerns and asked questions I found myself thanking Allah for blessing me so much. I am thinking about what I needed to hear when I was your age and graduating High School. There are so many conversations I wanted to have with you in person and pictured would have with you towards the last two weeks of school in June. Even though there is so much to say, the words are not coming easily. The uncertainty of the virus, the racism, the protests, the moving forward in general can be petrifying and does make me want to provide you with the little I know. But I also know that you will have your own share of ups and downs and experiences that will be necessary for you to learn from and cherish. College is very different from High School. It gives you that independence you crave for and allows you to make your own decisions, choose your own classes, and design your own schedule. How you manage this independence and take ownership of your time and opportunities is the challenge. You need to go through this experience on your own to really get to know yourself more as and that is why there can be very little guidance from adults. I would highly recommend that you communicate with the seniors of the field or classes you potentially want to pursue and take. The seniors will give you the relevant information regarding the major you are interested in and guide you with what that major requires and which route is the best to take. For most courses, the syllabus will be your best friend. They will lay out everything you need to do and it will be your job to remember what's due because Professors will most likely not remind other than the first week of College. Any new journey brings some difficulties and requires patience and time to adjust and so will College but after the first semester you will be aware of what College is like. I pray that this path of discovery will help you formulate your thoughts. Ameen. May you be guided by what you have learned at Razi, by the courage you have attained to be a cause for change and by what you have become Ameen. We at Razi will truly miss you all as you start your journey in College and embark on your new accomplishments. We will be clapping the loudest for you and pray that you make the world a better place and make a difference in your community Ameen. We are really proud of each and every one of you. We cannot wait to see what you accomplish next. Indeed, Allah will guide you to the straight path. Ameen. Indeed, Allah is with the patient. Indeed, Allah has always been very kind.

    Congratulations Class of 2020!

    Sr. Arsalnna Sarwar
    High School Math and Science

    Sr Iman Metwally - Arabic Teacher and the Head of Arabic Department

    To the 8th grade graduating class of 2020:

    Though this year was not what we expected and you all completed the remainder of the year online, I am so proud of all of you for pushing through and continuing to work hard. It has been a true joy and pleasure teaching all of you this year. I am excited to see what the future has in store for you and I hope your high school experience is everything you imagined. Remember, all of the effort you put into your studies is what will prepare you all to have a bright and successful future ahead of you. Remember that I will always be there to help if any of you need anything. Congratulations to the Razi School 8th grade class of 2020, I hope everyone has a wonderful summer despite the circumstances.

      Sr. Iman Metwally

     To the 12th grade graduating class of 2020:

    None of us could have predicted that you all would be finishing your final year of high school under these circumstances. However, I am so proud of all of you for your hard work and commitment during this unusual time. It has been a true pleasure watching you all grow and prosper into the incredible young adults you are today. I am grateful to have gotten to know every single one of you and I wish you all the best of success on all your future endeavors. Though graduating high school amidst a pandemic is not easy, remember that graduation is not an end goal in itself, but rather part of the larger journey of life. Always keep in mind that you are all capable of accomplishing your goals and anything you set your heart and mind to. No matter which road you choose or how long it may seem, remember that all of you have a purpose in life and inshAllah you all are on the pathway towards success. Should any of you need any advice, please know I am always here for all of you and I will forever cherish the memories I have teaching your class. Congratulations to the Razi School 12th grade class of 2020, this year will definitely be one to never forget!

     Sr. Iman Metwally


    Br. Sayyed Musawi - High School Social Studies Teacher

    It is with great pleasure that I congratulate the Class of 2020 in what may be the most challenging times for students facing the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown. This event this year starting in March 2020 has forced students online but it has also showed another tool of learning which is online classes at Global Classrooms (while many use Zoom in Asia; I am happy to see that finally, American kids can experience online classes and the demands at University due to a Virus). Despite the fact that it was the most challenging situation, I have witnessed improvements in some students to achieve their goals in graduating, focusing on their intended College/University experiences, and the fact that, they are committed to charting a course for their own future. I welcome the class of 2020 as you venture into the real world beyond the walls of Razi School and I wish you all the best requesting that integrity, honesty, and moral responsibility which were the characteristics of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah (Saww) stay with you in everything you do. Let these watchwords be your guide in academia, to the friends you make, to the Institution you represent, and to the lives of those you impact. Your journey has only now begun but your foundation of integrity, honesty, and moral responsibility must never be compromised. Thank you for the discussions in Sociology and U.S. Government and Politics classes this academic year 2019-2020. Good luck and May Allah always guide and protect you.

    Br Sayyed ‘Abd AL-Mahdi Musawi

    Social Studies High School Department








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